Hurst House on the Marsh
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Property Investment Portfolio

Circle Earth property investment is convenient, trustworthy and lucrative. Because we’re a company that believes that you should be able to buy property overseas and be clear about what you’re putting your cash into, and be guaranteed a good return.

Circle Earth doesn’t believe in get-rich-quick property investment plans that involve sloppy building regulations, bad architecture, substandard materials, ever-increasing costs and missed deadlines. The developers we choose must have a proven track record and quantifiable eco credentials.

More than this, we understand that you want to know your property investment is not costing the Earth. This means our property investment portfolio is relatively small, which is of benefit to you as an ethical investor and the owner of a luxury apartment or piece of farmland: it means that we know our investment opportunities as well as possible, ensuring quality and security.

The portfolio changes regularly too, as opportunities sell, often very quickly, and new locations and developments are sourced.

Circle Earth’s Rules Of Thumb

We have ethical criteria for developers who want to get their investment properties for sale onto our books. Our stance is that if something is not favourable to Mother Earth, we’re not interested.

Similarly, we take the impact on local communities into consideration, because we’re not into having a good time and making money at the expense of people who have less.

Our rule of thumb is that if we would sell a property to our mothers, it’s good enough for our portfolio. Potential Circle Earth property investments that aren’t good enough for our mums don’t get onto our books.


Our Current Investments

  • Halcyon Hills - Samos, Greece

    Halcyon Hills - Samos, Greece

    5* Spa Resort Halcyon Hills, in the beautiful unspoilt island of Samos, Greece, with guaranteed EU backed returns and in an incredible location.

  • Hurst House on the Marsh

    Hurst House Hotel - Wales

    5* Boutique Hotel, Hust House, Wales, with Spectacular views on the World's 100 Best Hotels List - The Sunday Times, with Guaranteed High Returns and SIPP compliant

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    Circle Earth Bespoke Service

    We can help you find your perfect property, read about our bespoke service.