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Why the smart money is investing in sustainable properties

Five star Greek spa resort Halcyon Hills was given a substantial write-up in Property Wire Confidential's most recent issue, commending the various eco-initiatives that the resort's architects plan to implement in the build. Featuring on the cover of the magazine, the resort appeared as one of just five properties highlighted in the 'We Like' pages of the publication.

The special report, written by Editor Ray Clancy and entitled "Why the smart money is investing in sustainable properties" detailed various sustainable initiatives being implemented at the resort, including natural heat transfer, water conservation, solar power, a seawater heat exchange system, green roofs, design for healthy airflow and more.

"Cutting edge design can help make new buildings eco friendly without costing a fortune. At Halcyon Hills Luxury Resort and Spa in Samos, Greece, healthy air flow is being used. This means that the properties are architecturally designed to facilitate airflow by installing smaller windows to the rear and larger picture windows to the front of each property and thus reducing the demand for air conditioning. The natural ventilation technique is said to encourage the air to flow through the building freely." Ray Clancy, Editor, Property Wire Confidential

To view the full article within the magazine, click here:
posted: 16 August 2011


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