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Chateau de la Cazine News

Renewed interest in French property from expats and overseas investors

The newspaper reports that between June and October this year, the Overseas Guides Company saw a 192%  increase in interest in their guide to France

The Daily Telegraph reports that experts say 'France is one of the Eurozone’s more stable economies.’ The French economy outperformed expectations in the third quarter of 2011 and so more people are turning to France as a safe haven for property investment.

The French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, has also outlined plans to increase wealth tax limits to offer benefits to foreign property buyers. 

Richard Way, an editor at the Overseas Guides Company, says that British people looking to move to France will certainly be attracted by the increase in the wealth tax threshold. He told the newspaper: “Now, if your total chargeable wealth is below €1.3m you do not pay any wealth tax. As from next year there will be just two tax rates: 0.25% for households with wealth between €1.3m and €3m and 0.5% for those with wealth over €3m. 

Source: Homes go fast

posted: 29 November 2011


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