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Kampana is Greek for single storey property. Our kampanas will benefit from their own terraces and/or garden areas, making the most of the available space for al fresco dining whilst watching the sun set in the distance.

Kampanas are built in pairs, with accommodation arranged over a single storey. In common with all properties at Halcyon Hills, kampanas come with free terraces and superb sea views.

1 Bedroom Kampana

 FULL Ownership
 Purchase Price £280,000
 Contract Deposit 30% £84,000
 Cashback on deposit pa £4,200
 Guaranteed Rental pa 8% / 5%                      £22,400 / £14,000
 Buyback Price £504,000

 Purchase Price
 Contract Deposit 30%
 20% on Foundations £6,300
 Cashback on deposit pa
 No Closing Costs
 Guaranteed Rental pa 8% / 5%
£2,520 / £1,575
 Buyback Price£56,700

Kampana's are available to be purchased through SIPPs, please contact us for further details on this.

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