Halcyon Hills
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Halcyon Hills is not only designed to be the very pinnacle of luxury accommodation on the island of Samos, the resort is also at the forefront of eco-technology.

Caring for the Environment & Samos

Halcyon Hills has been conceived and implemented by architects and developers that treasure Samos and its charms. While the finish of the resort will be in keeping with the traditional architecture of the island, the construction process is also designed to significantly limit the environmental impact on the island.

All of the construction materials for the resort will be produced or sourced locally, reducing the carbon footprint of the build. In addition to this, the properties are architecturally designed to facilitate healthy airflow, utilising smaller windows to the rear and larger picture windows to the front of each property. The use of electricity on the resort will be significantly boosted by the careful placement of solar panels, meeting the needs of the resort and its guests. Water on the resort will be recycled to keep the grounds lush and green throughout the year. The resort will process its own freshwater requirements, reducing the environmental impact on the island. Furthermore the resort facilities will be heated via a geothermal system. These and other environmental initiaitves will help to minimalise the environmental impact of the resort and will contribute to its maintenance, years on from completion.


"WhatGreenHome.com has awarded Halcyon Hills four stars for its eco-friendly initiatives."





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